Saturday, 03 March 2012 09:27

` submissions are closed!

Thank you to everyone who submitted work for the next issue of ITCH Online, to be curated around the symbol ≠.

The editor is currently going through all submissions and preparing the next magazine. As ITCH is a volunteer-run magazine which is squeezed in-between many other day-jobs and salary-earning projects, this tends to take a little longer than usual. Contributors are kindly requested to remain patient and understanding - you will receive confirmation of your submission as soon as possible, and you will receive notice of whether or not your work has been accepted by the end of March 2012. We plan to have the in/equality issue live by the end of April - or sooner if we can manage it. 

ITCH would be nothing without the wonderful and talented community of contributors who wish to be published between its digital margins. We express our thanks again for your participation and submissions, and promise to make an inspiring magazine that will make you proud.