Friday, 01 October 2010 17:37

Thank you, Karen!

A big thank you to Karen Martin for her sterling work as the last ITCH e-intern. Karen wanted to contribute to making ITCH a more prestigious space for contributors, and in order to do so, she undertook to do in-depth interviews with several ITCH contributors (you can read them in the InterText section). Her work allowed ITCH to understand some of its most fascinating contributors, and provides a great deal of insight into the manifold ways in which creative people operate in the process of making their work.

This is what Karen says about her experiences as ITCH intern:

"Even though I have many years of experience in writing, editing and aspects of publishing, I have only recently begun exploring what happens online, and my work on ITCH gave me a chance to get behind the scenes. I appreciated very much that ITCH allowed me to shape my internship to my time constraints and my interests. I so enjoyed doing the interviews, and the positive response to them has been very good for me. As a writer, I feel better connected to other ITCH writers now, and this locating of myself in one of the communities of writers I belong to feels good too."

To see more of Karen's writing, click here.