Thursday, 12 November 2009 01:36

When will the ITCH e.05 theme be announced?


What the ????

Questions are marked by a sign that can furrow the brow and send the mind on a quest for answers. Be they rhetorical, theoretical, existential, practical, emotional, educational or mundane, questions surround our lives and saturate the experience of being human. Why? When? Where? How? Whom? Sometimes we ask these things and sometimes we do not. When do we ask these things and when do we not? How and why are questions expressed, how and why are they not? What are your big questions and little mysteries? What are the one-word answers, the lengthy diatribes, the evasions and explications that accompany the queries and uncertainties that dog your experiences? How do you mark the question?

Submissions will be open until mid-January 2010. Contact the editor with any queries.