Thursday, 12 June 2008 22:59

Welcome to the new ITCH

Welcome to the new ITCH; an experiment with online media.

This new digital platform aims to function as a space for creative and intellectual expression across the board. In our mediated world, boundaries between written and visual communication are increasingly unclear. The relationships and links between verbal and visual communication create fertile opportunities for creative expression; quite simply, the sharing of abstract ideas.

Although our (self-defined) mandate is to prioritise creating a space for new writing of all genres, we also recognise the value of making it possible for new visual and multimedia work to be shared through our online magazine. So, in our first issue you will find a mix of visual and verbal work submitted by writers and visual artists from around the world.

Our textual submissions are loosely categorised into Metatext (polemic, commentary, opinion, satire, non-fiction), SubText (narrative, short stories, semi-fictional essays) and PreText (poetry, experimental and unclassifiable writing). We're fully aware that these categorisations are somewhat arbitrary, but we've done them so as to try and make the website navigable. Sometimes the labels are a good fit, at others, they're the closest we can get to an oversimplification. They're not meant to be reductive or to impose some kind of eliminating genre on the work, just to try and organise the content somehow. Comments and/or alternative tags are welcome.

Our first issue is titled " / " and features content from writers, poets and visual artists who were inspired to engage this rather abstract theme. It took us a long time to get the new site and this issue put together: it is the product of a sincere commitment to creating non-mainstream, non-consumer media for and by independent writers and artists. We intend to publish new issues at regular intervals. How often will depend on the number and type of submissions that we receive - so take advantage of this space if you have something you want to share with a broader creative community.