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Sunday, 25 May 2008 02:00


/At R550 rand I thought I'd rather die/ My mother: can I trust this woman?/ I thought the Romans were coming, dinkum/ …and always with the opinions… incessant opinions…/ Only the inauthentic is valued. Only that which has been drained of all meaning is deemed meaningful/ You can't stop piracy. Piracy must be encouraged/ Give us our daily self. And then we re-enact this/ There's no judgement under the ocean/ Moenie 'n gegewe perd in die bek kyk nie/ Tonight at the emperor's old socks everyone's doing the high five sweetie pie want some sex in a box high five/ Mr. Price is legend. All the way/ Apopalyptic/ And there's always a fat bitch doing production, prepared to work herself to death because she doesn't have a life/ The unconflicted person is the unresolved person/ We went for a guarded relaxation in the park/ She smsed me "I just finished yr book. U made me laugh so much and now for some bizarre reason I'm sobbing. If your dad was the devil I guess mine was his best friend. Actually come to think of it, I was married to the devil. Made me realise what an incestuous bunch we, the human race, are. Pls never stop writing/ The sms touched me but I still didn't have any money in the bank/ I was listening to Johnny Cash sing I see a darkness/ Did you know how much I loved you?/ And I can't afford my pills/ At R550 rand I think I'd rather die/
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