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Monday, 17 October 2016 17:33

do you

do you also hold your breath in movies when a character’s drowning, to see if you can outlast them?

do you also miss those wire coat hangers that you used to open your car door when you locked the keys inside?

do you also hope your life and times will get better while suspecting they might get worse?

do you also conceive of the future as dissolute, dissolved, vague, trembling, insubstantial... i mean your real future, in 100 years... a mist... an empty openness...

do you also long for someone to talk to about everything, someone who creates the language inside you with their ears, their eyes?

do you also wish you'd been more pure?

do you also find that there are many things you're grateful for that you had absolutely nothing to do with and that you don't really deserve anything at all and that you're just living on luck?

do you ever feel guilty for being lucky? or, on the contrary, do you feel you never got everything you deserved?

do you also feel sometimes, not necessarily hard done by, but done by... maybe gently or vaguely done by...

do you ever feel remarkable?

do you ever feel astonished to be alive at all?
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Anton Krueger

Anton Krueger's published works include poetry, prose, drama and criticism. He's also taken pictures, made films and plays some guitar.