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Friday, 07 October 2016 13:51

It is

It is.


It is a ball surrounded by lightning

and the mercy of cosmic rays

being hurled through space,

again and again finding itself

in the same place.


It is a ball made of razors

and childrens legs and bar parties

toasting another days defeat

and its return in hot drums

confessing night

beyond all referendum

and cooking naive rhetoric




insanity goes through us

like a train, a drill

coming in both sides

of the room,

both sides of a nameless


like two ears

blinded by sulphurous words.




it is not peace. it is

not death. it is something

else, this pure violence

where i come from.


it is not peace. it is

not death. it is something

else, this void where

it all starts again.




the preacher is preaching infinity again

and again. I know I will not leave

the room alive.
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Kyle Allan

Kyle Allan is a 29 year old poet, recording artist and events organiser. He has published a book of poetry, " House without walls" in 2016 and in 2013 released an album titled " Influences". He has organised numerous events including most recently the UHAF ( Underberg Himeville Arts Festival) fest in 2016 in the southern Drakensberg.