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Monday, 03 October 2016 12:39

All the World

Hours spent dreaming

herself a role

in an infinite

movie reel of lives;

string theory says

she’s living them;

somewhere she moved

to a faraway country,

somewhere she kissed a girl

before a boy,

somewhere she took a college course,

and is still married; but to someone else,

or to no-one at all.

In some she’s a passenger,

in some she drives

every car she ever owns.

Some lives she’s convinced she’s thinner;

in others she’s fatter/tireder/more driven/less ambitious.

Some lives she smiles more,

some less,

smiles cautiously

because she took more risks,

smiles defiantly

because she took more risks,

smiles triumphantly

to tell this story;

she is who she wants

to be.


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