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Tuesday, 13 September 2016 15:27

a perspective


she’s a contradiction:
anxious yet fierce and
challenging yet sensitive.

she carries emotions that she hides from people,
but then bluntly spurts them out
when it gets too much to endure.

she’s like this:
she will speak profoundly of issues, but keep to herself,
the issues of her own brewing inside of her.

but you must wait patiently for them to be revealed,

or else she will burst,
like a million pieces of glass;
hard to pick up, yet easy to get hurt.
she doesn’t want to hurt, or hurt others,
but I suppose one has a habit of doing so.

i look in the mirror,
i wonder what i will be like in three years,
whether i will speak as softly with open-mindedness,
yet become loud when necessary,

debate as passionately and
when things seem wrong.

i look at my pale reflection,
the girl in front of me cares too deeply,
but i suppose one can never care enough.

i find an urge to ask her for advice,

but she doesn’t do this
to other people.

from my perspective,

she trusts people less because of ones who have hurt her.
she knows how it feels to hurt.
i do too.

she also writes contradictorily;
she can be blunt but still write tenderly,
as the ink seeps into the page,
and her mind races rationally yet filled with emotion.

she’s hard to read, but not her writing,

it will forever lie there softly and enduringly,
inviting different characters to read it kindly,

and with the realisation that this is who she is.

she is a contradictory character.
she is me.

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