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Sunday, 25 May 2008 02:00

Unbroken Awareness

My life is now a floating shell
I am a vessel on that river.
The storm, the ship, the sea,
Whose shores we lost in crossing. 

I can see the milky distances—
In your eyes, but you cannot see me.
A thin melon slice of first moon,
Melting into songs and slivers of ice. 

You could feel small creatures dying.
Cowering humans in their burrows.
Fighting for lives other than theirs.
Aware they could not escape.

Each of us came into being
Knowing who we are,
What we are supposed to do
But why do you try to hold back—
The sands, falling in the hourglass? 

I am now unconscious.
In a way—, but mute.
A little pearl of awareness,
But this pearl is not me.
Knowing yet unable. 

I am now timeless!
All times and in all futures
I am a universe of windows
I cannot be touched again
I am in an endless dream 

But I can see you outlined
Looking beyond what you know
One day the seeds would return
And life would continue.
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