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Sunday, 25 May 2008 02:00


By  Adriana de Barros
The pupa, a silk wrap of emotions
Isolated, within breathing, wanting to be
the intense pronoun of self
It is silly to be one's own pronoun
She giggles immensely,
so much that, she is out of self

She is the personification of her
feminine, gentle, divine
beautiful with every laugh and flaw

Still protected in cocoon,
wanting more than these "walls"
she speaks of walls like a caged specimen

If I were a butterfly, I'd fly so heavenly
she laughs again at the exaggeration
Her will to be free, to live and be loved

Wanting to be a verb of desire
her poetic nature metamorphoses
eloquently in English rhythm and rhymes

She is harmony, form, soul,
blushing right now, not always
happy, ups and downs within home
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