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Sunday, 25 May 2008 02:00

Evidence of Life

By  Tamlyn Martin
Detail from series of 11 images (2006, Mixed media) Detail from series of 11 images (2006, Mixed media)

Below is an extract from a series of 11 poems created in parallel with visual artworks.


Memories laced with visceral reality
Flooding her
The gentle curve of her growing pregnant belly
Submerged in the morning light
Fine sprawling lines
Describing the topography of her smile
Witnessed by the reflection in the kitchen windows

These iridescent sensations
More real than
The hard unmovable brutality
Of sturdy walls and polished floorboards
More real than
A softly worn in couch of a body
This belongingness
With all its evicted fury
Climbing the ladder of her spine
Wanting to release itself
Like a taught rubber band


A scream
Filling every corner of her beloved home
Lifting it ever so slightly from the ground
Washing its walls and floors
Clearing blocked pipes and gutters
Forcing windows open
To let fresh air in
Vanquishing hiding cockroaches and mice
And like a sudden militant raid
Bashing the front door from its hinges
Open wide


A heavily rusted anchor
Dredging silt
As it dislodges from the ocean floor
Drawn by a chain as thick as interlocking arms
Heaving its great weight
Metal scratching and grinding
Green scum lifts
Slow with mechanical clumsiness
A vessel has been set free


A crumpled fleshy packet
Still warm from its consumed content
Inflated with gusts of freedom
Painted in oil stains defacing its origins
Its strange disquietening delirium
Set off in the breeze
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