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Monday, 07 March 2016 23:26

The Woman on Loveday


On my way to the Gautrain, I saw a woman on Loveday Street with one eye beaten shut. Beside her: Traffic; and an inky black blanket of flies that, in intermittent unison, floated on and off the silent sleeping body of an ashen ebony toddler. I prayed he was only asleep on that stony Johannesburg pavement. Grieved and frail, another toddler climbed to nowhere on the woman's stick legs, in a pink and stained dress.

Money has the power to illuminate so many wrongs.The woman handed me a pamphlet. Our brown hands careful not to touch. I took it. Taking it was all I had to give, but my worthless guilt, as I walked past her. 
"City University: Your Better Future", it read. 
I wondered if she could ever offer her children what she offered so many on Loveday. 
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