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Monday, 01 February 2016 01:36

The Jack

The company had rented out a private X jet to get us out to Lobey and back. Supposedly these things were so fast they could get you around the world in mere hours with the comfort of a luxury accommodation. This particular one could take 10 people, maybe 20 if one wanted to fill up every space in it.

I quickly found myself a window cabin, tucked myself in and slept like a baby. By the time I woke up, we were over the ocean and quickly approaching Lobey. I could feel the Jet moving at an impressive pace, clouds zoomed beneath and around us quickly. The engineering and amount of work put into this thing was impressive otherwise we’d be lurching around, bouncing around like pinballs because of the jet’s speed. I turned around to see some of my co-workers involved in virtual meetings, others were sleeping and another group was playing some game.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep again; we only had about two hours to go. I had to get into something, there was no way I’d spend all that time just watching the clouds zoom by. Luckily for me, there were ‘jacks’ attached to the tray by my side, the employers really went all out in the satisfaction department this time around. I wondered if they knew just how much trouble one could get into with these things.

I placed them on and walled my cabin off, I didn’t want to be disturbed or observed by anyone. It was just me in my own private world and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Immediately I jacked into the system, a massive industrial type building popped up. Various aisles and sections sprang up as well, each serving different functions. To my left, a neon sign flashed bright with the words “UTOPIA”, a cowgirl with a cigarette stepped out of the bar and beckoned to me to come on in but I kept walking. Today I don’t feel like traipsing back into the past, I needed something more contemporary.

I walked past many more options ranging from zombie survival courses to mixed martial arts fights. They even had one jack that’d give you the ability to roam a city as either a super powered hero or villain. This was escapism at its best. Need to get away from the real world, just hook yourself up into one of these things.

Think of the ‘jack’ as it is fondly called, as a virtual market-access point. Want to go skinny dipping on some island and don’t want to hop on a jet, why not try the virtual experience? Want to reenact a scene in history this time as a participant, the jack has places for that. For someone like me, my wants are not that eclectic. Most times all I want is some place where I can just clear my head for a few hours. I stop by a terminal to the side, type in Charades and immediately a stall pops up right next to me. The door is opened by an exotic looking Asian woman, who looks so real it almost makes one forget that a second ago she and her place of operation was somewhere in code, waiting to be downloaded.

“Welcome back, she purred. Inviting me into her abode, of which I have no hesitation whatsoever to enter.

Her place never ceases to amaze me. A stall that looked so small on the outside opens up to an opulent area, filled with all sorts of amenities to make one feel at home.

"What can I do for you today?” said Emiko my hostess in that voice of hers that immediately puts me at ease. She gently takes my hand and leads me to a setee. I cannot help but stare, she is as close to perfection as I have seen in any woman, real or virtual. I am at odds at what her nationality is supposed to be, though she had occidental features, her skin tone was more Mediterranean. Her translucent blue eyes suggest perhaps a Caucasian mix in her somewhere, but then again blue eyes aren’t just confined to European descent. She is accent less, making it even more confusing to pin point where she is from, neither does it matter. This is Emiko’s job. I know she isn’t real and once I step out of here, she goes back to her pocket in cyber space. She was created to be this highly sexual character in front of me, for her it’s not an act. I don’t have to decipher her real intentions, she is strictly here to please me.

Everything in here is meant to soothe; the music, the ambience and of course the hostess. Pleasure is a top most priority, and Emiko is damn good at it. She gets up and stands in front of me. Slowly she begins to sway from side to side. A Japanese organ plays in the background, if I strain my ears enough, I can almost pick out the sounds of soft running water adding to the serenity wafting around this abode.

I had initially met Emiko at a very bad point in my life. I was struggling with depression and I needed an escape. A friend of mine introduced me to the jack, and like moth to flame I couldn’t resist. Doctors advise you not to spend more than 10 hours in the system at a go. I went two days straight without stopping to eat or use the restroom. It was only after mom sent my brother over to find out why I wasn’t responding to her messages that I finally snapped out of it after he broke into the house and yanked the gadget off my head.

Despite promising my mother I would curb my usage, it was only a matter of time before I found myself there again. It offered me solace from my current reality which I found extremely frustrating. I knew I needed help, but that would have to wait, I was too busy trying to destroy my life.

Countless hours were spent roaming the system, doing everything from naked raves to bare fist fighting and heck even one time going dinosaur hunting in a prehistoric park. I craved the thrill and the jack was only too willing to provide it for me.

It was during one of such escapades that I stumbled upon Emiko’s abode. Her sole function is to please her customer, be it by playing therapist or sex partner. There are a few of her kind spread out in the jack but I think she’s the best at reading moods and giving me precisely what I need. At a time when there was so much chaos in my life, it is interesting to know that I found some stability with her. The more I visited, the more sanity started to return. It wasn’t even about the sex, virtual sex is more about mental stimulation, after all your physical body is still stuck in the real world.

By now she was well into her act, moving sensually out of the kimono she was wearing. Her ivory colored skin glistened in the dimly lit room, an immaculate dragon tattoo snaked all the way from the top of her neck down to the crack of her bottom. It is so beautiful, I reach forward to touch but she turns around and playfully slaps my hand away. No disturbing the act whilst it’s going on. With her back to me, she carefully removes the pins holding her hair in a bun and lets it down, I watch as it cascades to her shoulder blades. The luscious sheen in her hair is even more glorious in the dimly lit room. She turns and looks at me coyly, cupping her breasts like she were ashamed that I had seen her naked.

Next she begins to move to and fro like she did earlier, moving her hands all over her body. I felt good and I am sure the spike in my brain patterns will attest to that. Oddly enough a calm comes over me. It’s what I have been searching for and hoping to find here. It’s the drug I need to soothe my frayed nerves.

She turns around to look at me. Those amazing eyes of hers boring into me. What a gaze! I wonder what is going on in that head of hers. What type of program was running and what was it commanding her to do? Could she feel disdain? Disgust at the piece of meat in front of her or was she incapable of such emotions? I wanted to ask but I didn’t want to spoil the moment, besides she would only give me some vague answer about being here for me. Perhaps that was all there was to it, just a program whose only function was to please. No more, no less.

She slowly takes away her hands and looks at me with those sad but beautiful eyes. I feel a wave of emotions rush over me and I want to surrender to her. I feel like I am in confessional, about to purge my heart to this thing, this android of a woman that most likely won’t comprehend the significance of the action. It takes everything in me not to reach forward and just lay on her bosom like a baby.

Her hands start caressing her supple breasts. Fondling them so gently. Soon she moves on and continues her self-exploration, like a discoverer who has come upon uncharted territory and is trying to uncover the truths to the place. I follow her every move, taking in this sensual display in front of me.

Am I cheating? Can one truly cheat with a virtual construct even though she looks just like the real thing?

I have always battled with this, and maybe I justify my actions by dodging the answer. I don’t feel anything for her romantically. I have no interest in getting to know Emiko beyond this medium. That’s all she will ever be, a plaything.

She doesn’t ask for much, neither will I of her. Once this is over, she’ll pick up her clothes, act like she cares and usher me quietly out of the place as soon as my time is up. I will return to my world, feeling much better but hardly remembering any of this in a few hours. It is what it is, just another foray into cyber space.

She moves her hands downwards, and lingers right by her navel area. She stares at me, as if her next actions depend on what I say or do. I nod, insure of what I am supposed to do at that point. She begins to spread apart, like a flower coming into full bloom. I sit upright, even I want to know how real she is below. She has never let me get this far, the act always stops before that. Her hands her now the only thing covering her sacred area. Her legs fully spread apart. Defying balance the way she is able to keep her body so taut.

I try to hide my eagerness but I am pretty much leaning forward on my seat trying to peer beneath those hands covering her nether parts. What happens after she shows me that? The program guidelines never said anything about having sex. Would that be allowed and what would sex be like with a virtual construct? Would I only feel the sensation in here or my physical state would share in whatever I did? It seemed I was about to find out just how far my credits would go as she started to take her fingers off the last covered part of her body.

That was when a voice boomed in, and interrupted our session. “We are now approaching Lobey, please sit back and tighten your seat belts. All virtual programs will be cut off to prepare for landing. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

In the blink of an eye, she was already dressed and ushering me towards the door.

“Thank you for coming … hope you enjoyed your stay. Do come back.”

I was out the door before I knew it and barely had enough time to look back and watch the whole building begin to fold onto itself. A second later it was gone and all I was left with were memories of what had just occurred.

I couldn’t help but laugh as I figured out what had just happened. She was a program after all, so reading our flight itinerary wouldn’t be too hard. The whole session had been timed to prevent me from ever seeing what she truly had underneath. I had been played, but I wasn’t angry. My mind was clear and I was looking forward to getting some work done.

Emiko had helped like she always did, I just wish I knew how her program ends. Maybe there is a final act, maybe not. "Next time I’ll do this on a longer flight," I chuckled to myself as I strapped my belt in and prepared for descent into Lobey.

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Mayowa Koleosho

I was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria but currently reside in Chicago, Illinois.



I tend to fancy myself as an expressionist, using both visual and literary means to express my thoughts. I have self published a few books whilst also dabbling into the short fiction realm. My ultimate goal is to perfect using different mediums to convey impactful messages.


Some of my self-published books include Gridiron follies, Fling: A short story collection, Kid from lagos: a poetry collection and Hoop dreams.


Website: mkoleosho.com
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