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Thursday, 17 July 2014 13:45

Smokin' Moses Awakens


Life on da pavemint get really interestin' after dark I turn to my fren Ballz dis mornin' an' say hey Ballz guess wot Jayzuss an' he angels held a meetin' over here last nite I point to da container behind Wimpy twere a hi level convotation an' da divil were keen to get some action he tore past in he Mersades honkin' like hail an' da dogs barkin' an' da angels fightin' han' to han' combat when all on a sudden da Lurid speak in a autorotarian tone he say shut da hail up or I'll cum over dere an' blow me down but silas brake out an' we's all dumstruck twere an act o' soupream er soupreamness dis were all in da dead o' night neighbourhood watch done an' dusted da moon sailin' hi above Cork bay like sliver on satin Dave my fren in da teleological institution say I got a poetic bent he say smokin' Moses yo a free spirit an' I say da only free spirit I know be methylated spirit an' das not free it's quite beyond my bugget anyways I'm fo'ever done wid dat crap Ballz not payin' attension so I look at Ed he in a paul o' smoke no joy dere den I see Dave materialise over da mountin an' tell him da same story he say dere mor tings in heaven an' erf dan dreamin' bout philosophy Whoreratio he stare out over da bay an' scratch he nuts he allays do dat when he tinkin' deeply I say Dave wen da end cum I want a hummel man to read da bill o' riots over my dead body I bin tinkin' bout it an' Dave yo da man I says Dave on a scale o' one to ten o' humidity yo off da scale dud an' God know I seen sum down an' outs on da pavemint beet...

Miss Raeburn da Mayoress o' Cape Town chews dat moment to revirse her Mersades up da ally an' shout at Dave to move he fat ass out da way she want a parkin' spot her words not mine jus when sumpen profined happen like da university finely make sum sens a cocksucker godda ruin da moment dat da story o' my life no privicey out here let me leave yo wid dat taught duds I'm dun


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Ross Fleming

Ross Ian Fleming devotes his days to testing Telecoms software, satisfying his wife’s need for fast food, and educating his three kids. At night, however, he dreams of Poetry. He has written six small volumes of poems, all available on Amazon Kindle

Although occasionally inhabiting an imaginary land beyond description, in reality he lives in Cape Town, South Africa, the next best thing in the chain of being.

He has published work in Itch and New Coin and has won 3 online writing competitions at the SA Writers College over the past 10 years. Also see Slipnet for more.

Website: lemmingpoetry.blogspot.com/
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