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Monday, 15 February 2010 02:00


By  Jason Ferguson

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"Google Searching for God" is an installation that presents my use of the #1 rated search engine GOOGLE (according to comScore?s monthly search engine rankings), to search for the one thing that human kind has sought throughout history, evidence of a higher power. Since my search has begun, the number of hits for the keyword ?God? has fluctuated between four hundred million and four hundred fifty million websites depending on the addition or removal of sites each day. The accompanying images represent only part of much larger project. Mirroring empirical proof of the existence of God, this is a life-long project with no determined end.

"Wikigod", the focal point of "Google Searching for God", presents the physical transcription of the hypertext source for Wikipedia?s definition of God. A hand-typed scroll, using a typewriter containing no ink, is presented atop a long narrow table. The scroll is currently thirty feet in length, however, the full transcription will be nearly sixty feet long. The table is modular and can be adjusted to fit the space in which the piece is exhibited. Every time the word ?God? appears in the coding, the text is illuminated from below.
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