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Tuesday, 10 March 2009 02:00

United States of Africa

By  Lynne-Marie Eatwell & Liam Lijnes
The United States Of Africa The United States Of Africa
To us the dollar represents multiple ideals, opportunity, a symbol of growth, development, freedom, liberties, wealth, ambition. It represents a way of thinking, the land of opportunity and dreams where anything is possible. Both countries share a long turbulent history filled with slavery/oppression and both have had leaders that have made decisions with catastrophic effects.

The two figures on the dollar are symbols of change and irony, as the greatest western power having an African American leader and the strongest African nation having a female western leader.

Obama had a very successful campaign, so much was the coverage that people all over the world were cheering him on, watching him on television. In like manner we would like to see the same ebullience when it comes to the election of our president.

This t‐shirt, The President of Africa, is our contribution to show our support of our choice for the future leader of our country. It hopes to create awareness in other South Africans of their situation and the choices before them.
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