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Wednesday, 01 October 2008 02:00

Ubiquitous Objects

By  Drew Malcolm

Image Gallery

This series is part of a larger project that the artists describes as "working with food in a somewhat arbitrary way". Malcolm modifies  iconic images using imagined text and/or symbols/pictograms in the spirit of the Letterist movement of the mid 20th century. While the Letterists were interested in inventing a new type of written/verbal language which implied a sentiment more in line with their poetic visions than the language available to them, his concern leans more towards the absurd and obtuse. The Letterists goal was to encode their words in a new universal communicative way, his to subvert and point to the utter gibberish we're forced to engage on a daily basis. In addition to food objects, he also frequently investigates other ubiquitous objects that make up the clutter of our daily lives. All paintings 2008.
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