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Monday, 15 February 2010 02:00

Third Generation Pride

By  Hadas Tapouchi

Image Gallery

Third Generation Pride explores a possible link between the Holocaust in previous Nazi-Germany and the social reality of contemporary queer culture in Tel Aviv, using photography and video art. This necessarily entails researching contemporary queer culture in Germany. An analogue medium format (6/6) is used to imitate the past and to create "images from the past." This way, an allegory is created between "ghettos in the 40' " and contemporary "queer ghettos". Analogue medium format is used to emphasize the value of the single frame, which cannot be deleted or be copied.

All the frames were taken in the studio, with artificial lighting. For some of the backgrounds slides with specially photographed images of Tel Aviv were projected. The background screening was intended to visualize a separated reality, giving a new perspective of the past and the present. The composition of the photographs is very narrowing and leaves no room for free movement.

Tapuchi says, "My goal is to find a link in emotions between the two nations. I realize during my video project how sore the pain still is. People called me a "Nazi" and told me that what I am doing is not legal. At that moment I felt the pain deep inside and understood the meaning of "collective memory." I want to find that spot in German people, touch those places and visualize them."
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