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Monday, 21 March 2011 02:00

The Soul Grows in Darkness

By  Maxime Banks
The soul grows in darkness. Self-portraiture in some sense is about death. Through self-portraiture in my art I bring forth the absent body from the past into the eternal present. Thereby preserving history, experience and culture through art. I feel a resonance between memory, self-portraiture, loss, poetry and mourning. My drawings, writing, paintings and poetry text paintings are metaphorical self-portraits, psychological landscapes that address themes of memory, identity, ephemerality, loss and uncertainty. I am creating images of a future ghost through a documentation of the past in the present.

My art documents my spiritual journey and awakening and experience in the world to understand myself and create meaning. I'm searching, I'm excavating emotions, thoughts, observations, questions and memories through drawing and writing. The soul grows in darkness.
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