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Thursday, 28 August 2014 18:25

The Memory of My Wardrobe


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The Memory of My Wardrobe
 is a project that begun when I realized that many of my clothes had belonged to someone else before me, they had already had a life of their own before I started wearing them. If these garments could speak, what stories would they tell? 

Some of my clothes are second-hand finds, worn by total strangers I have never met, but a vast majority – the clothes that interest me most – are hand–me-downs from friends and family, everyday clothes people have grown out of or simply got bored of. Among these pieces of clothing there are also made to measure vintage garments, an echo from a time passed, saved over decades for both their beauty and the memories they behold. 

Some of the images come with accompanying texts; in others I let the garment speak in absence of the person and together this body of work combines some of the many roles of clothing – one’s wardrobe is witness to presence just as much as it is about fashioning performance. The Memory of My Wardrobe is not only an ode to the times when clothes were made to last; it is also an autobiography and a family history told through materials – 
a family album without people. 


Ida Taavitsainen (b.1987, Helsinki, Finland) is a photographer based in Finland and the UK. She recently graduated from the MA photography programme at Royal College of Art in London. Her work has been shown in Finland, the UK and Latvia and her first book, The Memory of My Wardrobe, is published by Booth-Clibborn Editions in November 2014.
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