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Monday, 21 March 2011 02:00

Spliced Landscapes

By  Anne Roecklein

Image Gallery

Anne Roecklein's work is about our attempts to know and understand the world through our desires. Her collage and assemblage pieces address relationships between original/reproduction, parts/whole, real/imaginary, and the visual impact of accumulation. These explorations take 2D, 3D, and installation form - found materials and invented images are blended to evoke both the allure and frustration of desire-seeking.

Vintage postcards serve as the starting point for this current body of work. These pieces of paper ephemera embody idealized images and/or serve as substitutes for idealized experiences. Hybridized images and objects populate the ambiguous spaces and narratives of this work, in which relationships between desire and dissatisfaction, attraction and repulsion, wistfulness and floundering are explored. Utopian daydreaming and the impossibility of perfection are explored through the conflation and layering of these images-resulting in quixotic hybrid spaces and narratives.
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