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Tuesday, 29 June 2010 02:00

Self High Five Machine

By  Deniz Ozuygur

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In her piece Self High Five Machine Deniz Ozuygur examines her grade-school memory of the high five as the ultimate symbol of acceptance and popularity. Having been on the wrong end of too many "missed it!" and "too slow!" high fives, the artist takes the matter into her own hands. (Ha!)

Using two rubber casts of her right arm, Ozuygur attempts her own D.I.Y solution. One arm remains static as the other is attached to a motor. The motor rotates at a speed of only one rotation per minute. This cinematic slow-motion effect builds suspense and excitement in the audience.

However, all does not end well. The Self High five Machine produces a less than satisfying brush of the fingers. Yet many optimistic onlookers remain, in the hopes that the next one will be just right…

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