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Tuesday, 29 June 2010 02:00

Same Old Routine

By  Andrea Grottick


Identity is central to my video work; introspectively, highlighting core aspects of my persona, and universally, via group interactions and scenes of domesticity. Audio is a significant element - manipulated to correspond directly with the visuals. Questionnaires and surveys offer insight into everyday lives and how chosen words are interpreted, the recorded answers are synchronised with filmed sequences of daily activities. These occur simultaneously through cropping and layering in the editing process. Previous work comments on loss of identity through performing mundane tasks. I have also worked on collaborative and participatory projects, using art workshops as an expressive medium. My current work focuses on the global signifiers pointing to basic human identity. Metaphors and symbolism convey universal characteristics; I have interpreted these norms in relation to my past, using contemporary practice to express emotions, morals, sins and virtues. Thus, my 'Self Portrait' portrays the viewers' response to the stimuli and actively explores age, gender and nationality. Interactivity is an important element to my practice as the viewers' experience of the work relates directly to its meaning. By presenting video as installations, I enable the viewer to connect and interpret them both visually and physically.
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