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Monday, 21 March 2011 02:00

Poor Visibility

By  Freya Kruczenyk

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The theme for the eighth issue of ITCH (of vertical, parallel lines) seemed to me to allude to order and logic. This new photographic diptych 'Poor Visibility' was shot on a medium format film camera in isolation in the Yorkshire Dales. This is a place where fog seems to drift. As I peep through the viewfinder it hangs around the bases of trees and lurks around corners, in front of me and around me it closes in swiftly and then suddenly dissipates. Whilst I was photographing out there I was reminded that while at the confluence of order and control might lie a sense of clarity, sometimes a fog can offer more potential. There is something of the unknowable about fog that makes it very ambiguous; it can induce, at once, both clouding anxiety and a sense of borderless freedom. Perhaps it is this potential that lies in the space between the lines.
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