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Saturday, 03 September 2011 02:00

Organisation is a Question of Distance

Organisation is a Question of Distance, 2011. Monotype with handcolouring (Indian ink, watercolour, gold leaf). 8 x 11 inches Organisation is a Question of Distance, 2011. Monotype with handcolouring (Indian ink, watercolour, gold leaf). 8 x 11 inches
This piece is a balancing act. Perhaps it is the documentation of a moment when everything is precariously and very actively balanced. Anything could happen! Is it falling or being constructed? What is it for? Where did that bouncing ball come from? Is the golden net coming or going? Even though I created it, I don't have all the answers. That is for you to decide.
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Anna J. McIntyre

Anna Jane McIntyre is an interdisciplinary visual artist with a practice combining printmaking, sculpture, performance, costume and micro-activism. She has a BFA from the Ontario College of Art & Design, Toronto and an MFA from Concordia University.

McIntyre's work explores animism, ritual, the invisible, the imagined, the agreed upon, balance and the powerful allure of the asymmetrical. She has received travel grants from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, as well as production grants from the Centre interuniversitaire des arts médiatiques (CIAM) and Société d'État relevant du ministre de la Culture et des Communication (SODEC). Her most recent work may be found at www.annajmcintyre.com and dontarguewithghosts.blogspot.com. She lives and works in Montréal and Toronto.

Website: www.annajmcintyre.com

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  • Comment Link Anna McIntyre Tuesday, 06 September 2011 02:00 posted by Anna McIntyre

    O and I will also add this, my thoughts on infinity:

    Thoughts on Infinity
    Endlessly I am drawing and thinking. As a child sitting in the backseat of a navy blue Oldsmobile, boatsized, well-used and equipped with an 8 track player belting Neil Diamond, I would often think about outer space.
    When the thoughts got too large for my small head I would bounce myself against the seat back to change my train of thought. How, how, how infinity how?
    When I was 6, I realised the only thing I knew about life is that I would die.
    With that in mind I started to plan my career.
    And now here I am, much later, several finite lifetimes in fact, still drawing and dreaming and planning.
    My maternal grandfather, let us call him Jim Saxby because that was his name, was a mathematician.
    This cemented the influence of numbers in my life, much of which has revolved around the number 2, the only even odd number.
    And so I learn over and over that life is circular and twisted. To see the patterns in anything, you merely require distance and perspective.

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