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Monday, 21 March 2011 02:00

Non-Newtonian Wall Gestaltung (Royal Regatta), 2009

By  Tim Bennett
This wall painting permeates the whole of the stairwell in Bregenzer Kunstverein in Austria, and accompanies the visitor from one floor to the next. The stripes formally refer to the play of colour and shadow of corrugated metal walls of freight containers and standardized warehousing structures. Through his hard-edge painting, Bennett aims his social criticism at "containerization", one of the key factors leading to the rationalisation programmes introduced in his youth during the "Thatcher regime". As one progresses upwards, the rigid composition mutates, allowing a branch to protrude from the wall, creating a small deformation. The representation of the organic power of nature overrules the Cartesian system, briefly interrupting general expectations and standards.
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