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Monday, 30 April 2012 02:00

Natural and constructed, Me and the rest.

By  Malcolmo
If the question is if inequality is natural or constructed, than the answer is it's natural. Because duality is the way nature constructed the brain. And so duality is the way the brain perceives - and reconstructs - the nature of things.

Duality is the pattern of mind, the black against the white, the good against the harmful, the sea against the sky, the me against the rest. Culture is not a deformation of nature if it comes from that. Really it's one of the infinitive possible outcomes of evolution, which is not an evolution, in time, which does not pass, in this peace of universe, which is not one. This duality, beyond every ethical or aesthetical judgement, is just what we have. 

So: duality is not bad, only a form. It's what you see and I see and both recognize - no matter what sort of hypocrisy or mistrust disallows us telling each other. But trust me, duality is what we have. Me and you. My. Love.

This said, now I'm going to sit in meditation, to see what reality looks like if I change the pattern of my mind for a while. I'm gonna expand and contract, then I'll dissolve. When I'm back, I'll wonder if reality will always maintain the distinction between meditation's state and the other one. As yes and no are the answer, I'm not going to reply, yet.

In 2010, an accident disabled Malcolmo's right hand, and his drawing style registered a fundamental change: he started to use both hands. His drawing gives visual representation to the functional characteristics of the two cerebral hemispheres, each linked to the opposite hand. His works manifests a split in the middle: the red side, drawn with the left hand, corresponds to the right cerebral hemisphere (3D representation, seat of the subconscious, synthetic, dreaming and creative side), while the the black, drawn with the right hand, corresponds to the left hemisphere (no proportions, no perspective, a lot of visual detail, rational and analysing part, seat of the ego). 
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