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Tuesday, 29 June 2010 02:00

My Space

By  Frida Sasson

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I play on the range between the abstract and the figurative. Most of my works avoid showing a clear and distinct demonstration of objects. Rather, they provide clues, in different resolution, as to what intended for depiction.

My works invite the viewer to play along the range between the unidentifiable abstract objects and the identifiable ones by zooming in and out, by looking at a work from afar, and then getting closer and closely examining the details. This game may create different emotional experiences, and sometimes give different meanings to the same work.

Being able to create a sense of tension and anxiety, is a quality that gives power to all artworks, of any kind, and keeps the viewer fascinated. I am creating exceptional tension by contrasting different shapes and colors. The viewer consequently finds himself almost mesmerized in front each work.

All of the artworks are made of bits of paper torn from the newspaper, without any additional color or paint. The color of the artworks is the original color as it appeared in the newspaper.

I believe that human society must begin adopting the economics of  recycling, in which things whose function has ceased can be used in different ways.
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