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Wednesday, 27 August 2014 00:44


By  Liliana Sanchez

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KroppKaKa is a limited edition book, as part of Anonymous Materials, an art project that explores a set of symptoms related to contemporary melancholy.

A journey that starts in Sweden, where the proximity to a group of doctors in the city of Kalmar have opened a way to fictionalized the body as the metabolic core of the melancholic, an underworld of strange proportions where objects from the outside world mutate and merge in layers of sediments, petrified in solid rock as grounded in the body as they are.

A.T. Dr. Lundmark gives daily account of his patients; In the compilation of his writing, symptoms are listed as if they were traveling randomly through a body bothered by constant uneasy feelings and pain. As in a book of anatomy, descriptive scenes and images portray the malaise found in the interior of bodies.


Disc hernias in her neck complicated the picture. Could not write properly any more and trembled when used it. Brought a list. The major complaint was the right hand. Since one or two years (the last patient in the afternoon), she had been living in this island with her husband to be closer to their children and grand children. Suffered from neck-shoulder aches since a few years. She was prescribed sleeping pills, which she used at times for neck pain during nighttime and a small amount each year of diazepam, for occasions of anxiety (such as going to the dentist). She was from this part of the country where the dialect is very complaining and nasal. It was aching and numbing during nighttime. She retired and moved from the larger city she had been living in. Her hand was feeling weak. For forty-four years she worked as a secretary. It was getting worse. Last years she had run her own business. I removed the wax from the right ear giving her better hearing. She also had a wax occlusion. I listened to her neck complaints. 


He also had this burning sensation. More than the occasional dark stools. After examination I found a mild tenderness in his upper abdomen. He was bothered about having to pee too often and at night. Complains about leakage and soiling. He had never seen any red blood in his stools. But it was very dark at times. It had been going on for the last few months. No iron supplement. The last days had been the worse. Not lost weight. I was bothered and distracted about his urinary and proctologic complaints. 


I hypothesized, what did I miss to assess in our meeting that had affected his already unhealthy heart towards failure. The ankles were moderate swollen with edema. He was retired and has been working in a car shop as a mechanic. Chronically he was suffering from heart stroke. In the long run this will probably cause his death, on 5-10 years. I had not told him. No jugular vein stasis. Irregular heartbeats and on the edge you noticed ventricular extra systoles and general signs of hypertension. For long time a smoker. He entered in a vicious circle. Low renal circulation, and sodium chloride retain, attacking negatively the heart muscle. I planned to discuss it in our next appointment.  Crepitation in the lung’s lower points. I could not bother to call him about it.

Special thanks to: Anton Lundmark, Per Orsander and Cecilia Holmgren for their great support and always inspiring presence.

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