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Saturday, 03 September 2011 02:00

(im)possibility through the (in)finite

By  Matthew John Atkinson
(im)possibility through the (in)finite is a concept and practice that works through series, in order to challenge perceptions of reality. Through the process of montage and the layering of luminescent glazes the paintings open up the one dimensional plane of the surface to multiple readings. The realities created are chimera, in which the co-ordinates are constantly shifting.

The paintings explore the interval between the juxtaposed images, the fragmented whole of the painting, and the distance between sign and signified. The incomprehensible void of infinite potentiality requires the active participation of the viewer; ultimately questioning our own understanding of the processes present in creating a singular reality.

However, a humanist and moral reality (18th century onwards) is rendered in the height and subject matter of the canvases (religion, childhood and natural disaster) but it is ambiguously coded. The paintings are sinister; questioning the moral and finite reality that humans have formed and our systems grounded in religion, mathematical logic or empirical science. The belief in Kant's universal interpretation is challenged and the potential for multiple realities is posed.
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  • Comment Link Harry Humphries Tuesday, 06 September 2011 02:00 posted by Harry Humphries

    You can tell how his work is influenced by the works of Byron.

    Top Stuff. x

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