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Friday, 22 August 2014 15:49


Verni_PROPRIOCEPTION_2013 Verni_PROPRIOCEPTION_2013 Charles Verni


This is a documented version of a video installation, involving the use of an Xbox Kinect utilizing motion capture to trigger audio. This work explored the usage, and publishing capabilities of location tracking tools and devices as found primarily within social media. The piece tells the story of a collaboration between myself and two other artists, one of whom seemed to disappear at the beginning of this project. Upon entering the gallery space where this work was shown, the viewer saw themselves rendered out into the numerous pixels of this collaborator's image, distorted and blown apart to an unrecognizable degree. Amdist the "point cloud" the viewer found themselves engulfed within, rang out the tones and melodies of smartphone and instant messaging applications, attempting to convey the notions of space and distance through a strained communication further abstracted by the use of communication technologies.

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