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Tuesday, 10 March 2009 02:00

How much is one tomato?

By  Susan Woolf

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Fifty Million Zimbabwean Dollars bought you One Tomato before 2 June 2008. Now its worthless.

When it is clear that people are suffering, one should have the courage to speak out and take action. I have used my art exhibition Jacob's Ladder as a platform to communicate the desperation of Zimbabwe and the situation with Robert Mugabe. These drawings are part of a multimedia exhibition entitled "Jacob's Ladder". 

What follows is an extract of an interview with my Zimbabwean neighbour, Peter Kamusena. 

Peter: But if Mugabe keeps on being in power, I think half of the country will have to leave. Now there's a ZIM $50 billion note in Zimbabwe.
Susan: ZIM $50 billion?
Peter: Yes.
Susan: And what is that worth?
Peter: It's around R400. They are worth nothing.  Actually they are cheques – it's not real money.
Susan: And they don't call it real money.  They call it?
Peter: Bearer cheques.
Susan: What's the cheapest thing you can buy?
Peter: A loaf of bread now is ZIM $250 million. Ten kilos of mielie meal would be ZIM $4 billion".
Susan: What can you buy with ZIM $5 billion?
Peter: It depends because today it is another price, tomorrow it's another price. So if you get ZIM $5 billion today, maybe you can buy 10 kg of mielie meal, a packet of sugar, salt, and we are talking of today. Tomorrow that ZIM $5 billion can buy you maybe two or three loaves of bread and maybe a packet of milk. So you see how impossible it is.
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