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Monday, 21 March 2011 02:00


By  eMatome

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Ten years ago, taking my first steps as an artist and as a young woman, I worked on a project investigating the history of women and feminism. This research led me to explore the notion of hairs and female virility.

With the theme ||| what first came on mind was "Father Sample" (2001), an evocation of the gathering of my father's hairs, and starting point of this furry adventure. This small piece represents this period of investigation into the definitions of man and woman, gender and the patriarchal system.

Hair is political. It always has been.

In my work, "hair" became a subversive symbol for all kinds of emancipation, and for fighting against the perpetual cultural and moral brain washing gender experience. The "hair" symbolizes the "out of shape", the "out of definite space", and provokes new paths of thought and actions.

So tell me - is it making you itch?
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