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Monday, 21 October 2013 14:33

Exposures | Night figures

black and white photo | 1/6 | 'Exposures|Night figures'. black and white photo | 1/6 | 'Exposures|Night figures'. Photo: Elad David
As a photographer I work mostly from a personal place, merging events from my past and present. My work touches on various subjects such as gender, personal identity, family and surroundings, boyhood, photographer-subject relations and more.

I am trying to understand the changing process which the subject illustrated is going through, as well as the changes I as a photographer and as a person experience. 

I express this idea by trying to challenge the photographer-subject relationship while being a part of the work. Also, I try to reveal who is the one affecting the work and who is the one really reflected in it.
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Elad David

Elad David is an Israeli photographer based in Tel-Aviv. Born and raised in Jerusalem. Graduated from the Minshar School of Arts and holds a B.A. in Arts and Social Sciences.  Though he started off as a model-album photographer, his later works have been published in Art magazines in Israel and abroad, and he has subsequently participated in art exhibitions and also had several solo exhibitions of his own.


In his works, Elad deals with imagery from a personal place, relating to events from his past and present, as well as other events and periods in his life.  His work touches on various subjects from gender, family and surroundings to boyhood, photographer-illustrated relations and other fields as environmental portraits of interiors and outdoors, a graphic adaptation of elements in the urban space and more.

Elad often fuses personal texts with his photography as part of his choice not to be limited to the media he uses therefore you can sometimes find in his art different means other than photography such as text, painting, scanning and replication.

Many of Elad’s photography works are portraits include artistic male nudity.  These works aim to question the relationship between the photographer and his illustrated subject and the willingness of the subject, as well as the photographer, to expose themselves while being part of the same work.  Most of his artistic nude works are directed and possess the aesthetics of clean and minimal studio photography.



Website: eladdavid.com/
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