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Saturday, 03 September 2011 02:00


By  Raom & Loba

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The mind is like an endless sea, it's visible surface showing wrinkles, reflecting both tempest and sunshine. The earth is steady, firm, and permanent: a place for exchange and trade. The borderline between two worlds is the seashore and the coast, where waves and ideas break and melt.

We consider the waves to be internal, mysterious movements that operate as moving enormous masses of flowing material. Those movements, quite invisible at the surface are unceasingly coming to the coast where they vanish, bringing things they carry from the depth, melted and polished by the forces of secret waves. And those things escaped from the undifferentiated liquid, become concrete objects born into the world. In the same way, thoughts and ideas come to birth, transformed, twisted and entwined by the waves of our unconscious. Sometimes they ground on the shore of concrete the world where they materialize, taking form and consciousness.

"Endless" seeks to express the invisible work of internal waves and the unceasing rocking movement of their inmost secret entwined arms.

"Endless" is a gift, a symbolic object of our deepest mind and heart like a materialization of a mere idea which is made a nucleus, an endless knot, a double infinite symbol.
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