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Monday, 21 March 2011 02:00

Empty Space

By  Eva Kalpadaki

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What are our expectations from Photography? In my practice, I am not using the photographic medium to produce a record and a document of our world, which is what we usually expect to see in a photograph. I am not following the straight, rigid, parallel lines ||| of conventional approaches to the medium. I am using it to question the nature of photography and to cause a tension in what we are looking at. I am playing between representation and abstraction following the fluidity and endless possibilities of one line |, in whichever direction it takes me. I am producing photographs that become diachronic objects of aesthetic contemplation.

In the work Empty Space, the photographs negotiate an abstract space of emptiness as a potential space of abstraction between a psychic space of subjective projection and an objective material space of aesthetic contemplation drawing mainly upon Donald Winnicott's psychoanalytic ideas on transitional phenomena and the potential space. Flirting with the real I enter a performative creative process where I intervene in the construction of the images with the gestural act of placing pieces of thread in the space of reference. Out of this play abstraction emerges as a journey about the real, a journey following the route of a circle; beginning in the real world, withdrawing to an inner world of unconscious processes and returning back to reality. The line that draws this space is both abstract and concrete, both abstract and figurative creating multiple directions in a photographic space of emptiness, which eventually appears full of potentialities waiting to be realised. It is a transitional line, which implies that the relationship between inner and outer reality can be performed and can become a space of action and intervention.
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