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Monday, 15 February 2010 02:00

Dreaming of Mushrooms

By  Suki Kruger
In a less-than-perfect world it is easy to block out the negatives by turning a blind eye, refusing to accept any harsh realities by choosing to ignore contemporary world news. In doing this, we shut ourselves off from the negative stimuli and inadvertently create our own little private worlds in which everything is and has the potential to be beautiful. These "dreamworlds" help us escape our daily struggles by offering positive and pleasing alternatives. But what happens when we start preferring our dreamworld to the real world? When the dreamworld becomes our only reality or when we are only occasionally aware of the real world? Do the realities switch sides? Are we living in a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde environment? Is it benefiting our lives? Can the creation of a dreamworld be seen as a positive way to cope or does it become a destructor of objective reality?

Dreaming of Mushrooms asks this question: what happens when the dreamworld becomes so real that it starts fusing with real life?
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  • Comment Link William du Toit Wednesday, 17 February 2010 02:00 posted by William du Toit

    That is why to many, it is an abolute escape to their own world where they feel secure but when the dust settles, reality kicks in and we then have to deal with it. Nice work and introspection done Suki.

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