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Monday, 30 April 2012 02:00

Death on the Road

By  Dragana Jurisic
(29.04.2011. @ 15.34, Stari Grad, Croatia). By the small village along the coast, a 10 year old boy was killed by a passing car. Waiting for someone to take him away. It's 18.38. Still waiting. The little boy is laying dead on the road for three hours already. Family howling in the house by the road. And the father. If pain had a sound. I did not know at first, were they people or wolves. The older onlookers wince; they know that sound well, it comes with a territory it seems. Younger people laugh nervously... they will not remember the inappropriateness of their behavior today, when their time comes to experience pain like that.

There's a dandelion by the road. I take a picture. Don't know what else to do. More screams. The old man standing in front of me, bends over and picks up the flower. Gently, he blows.
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