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Friday, 29 August 2014 17:52

Covered by one dot

By  Kristine Hymøller
Is it possible to detect and identify individuals in a crowd?

The photograph is found in a Danish newspaper and pictures a demonstration.
Each participant appearing on the photograph are covered by one dot. The dot matches the color of the clothing worn by each participant. The banners are all covered in white. The clusters of color are specifically distributed in one area and together with the white non verbal banners they are vibrating with a glow creating a surface similar to the method and expression that the Neo-impressionists used - "in the disciplined networks of dots they showed their desire to instill a sense of organization and performance- Wikipedia"
"The Neo-Impressionist surface seems to vibrate with a glow that radiates from the minuscule dots that are packed together to create a specific hue -Impressionism- Art History 101 Basics"

Collage, 23x17 cm, cut out pieces of newspaper, glued on newspaper 2013.
Article: A lesson for politicians
Photograph: Ditte Lysgaard Holm
Newspaper: Jyllands posten, Denmark.

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