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Tuesday, 10 March 2009 02:00




This film is No. 4 in the Eastern Europe round of the Brown Europe Pageant.

In it Caucazoida, played by Jasmine of Mavericks, dresses to go to work and remembers the true story of Zulamma Agra. In 1865, Zulamma, a Circassian women, was bought at the slave market in Istanbul by an agent of the American showman P. T. Barnum. She was paraded around the United States as the purest example of a woman of the white race, but from the Orient.

$$$'s bought Barnum his own white slave and made him plenty more $$$'s.

Director: Jean Meeran of Team Tarbaby
Producers: Jean and Zinaid Meeran of Team Tarbaby
Associate producer: Sarah Jones
Duration: 5 minutes 25 seconds
Cast: Jasmine
Origination format: DV
Read 2688 times
Team Tarbaby

Team Tarbaby is a collective of filmmaker/writer/artists who work together and alone. Previous submissions to Itch include: A visual essay titled The Brown Europe Pageant  and a think piece titled Boxing and Bending in Itch volume 2 issue 1; three  excerpts, Katechetik, Chinese and Svenska A til Ö, from the experimental feature film The Brown Europe Pageant/Rounds One to Three which were screened at the Itch Magazine launch at De Boekehuis in 2005; an excerpt of The Brown Europe Pageant/Round Two Eastern Europe/ Caucazoida which screened on Itch Online in 2009; the painting titled All the Best which appeared in Itch Online in 2009, and an excerpt from the novel Dirtbaby (now known as RIPVOCPOW) which appeared in Itch Online 2010. 

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