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Wednesday, 29 July 2015 19:43


Capsule, Glass fiber reinforced concrete, cast dichroic glass,  38 x 14 x 8", 2015 Capsule, Glass fiber reinforced concrete, cast dichroic glass, 38 x 14 x 8", 2015
A geode is a rock of various shapes that is hollow on the inside and contains crystals within its core. These geological formations can be found the world over, but are most prevalent in desert areas in the Western Hemisphere.
There is long lineage of miners in my family. My paternal grandfather, was a mining engineer and spent most of his life travelling the globe, operating mines for ASARCO- Newfoundland, Nicaragua, and various locations throughout the United States, among other locations.  My father and his nuclear family traveled with my grandfather throughout his youth. Geology was a way of life for them. My father gifted me with crystals and a geode from one of the mines at a young age, and I have had a fascination with rocks and minerals ever since. Geology runs throughout my family’s history and my blood. To me, geodes have become mysterious “gifts” that nature has wrapped up and saved for us to crack open and discover; so simple, yet so powerful.  They are made over a long period of time, nestled deep down in the earth.

The idea that something that looks so plain and ordinary on the surface could be filled with such incredible beauty is the same as the concept behind my current and previous bodies of work. As an example, in my collage/portraiture work, I explore the idea that there is much more written beneath one’s face than anyone could ever see on the surface. Just knowing that this fathomless depth exists is what is drives and fascinates me. This beauty is created over a long period of time down in the earth...during a hiatus. That makes them even more beautiful.

A typical geode has rounded and variable shape. I create geodes that are geometric in shape, addressing my curiosity by man’s obsession with trying to improve upon nature’s perfection, at all costs, even if it is not possible. Geodes are already perfect - people are already perfect. The drive to re-create things is both a bizarre, and an integral part of the human psyche.

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