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Sunday, 13 September 2009 02:00

Beauty In Petrol

By  Konrad Wyrebek

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Are you beautiful? Are they beautiful? We are being judged.

Only the most isolated person, who has no contact with other humans after his birth and abandonment, will escape this. Everyone else, with any level of contact to a community, will be compared with others. We live in a highly visual age of rapid advancement. We measure ourselves against others, and against ideals of perfection and beauty that are often the work of machines - that are inhuman. We create maps to guide us. Age, accident, illness, income and the changing wants of others can all affect our position. It's easy to feel like you're falling off the map if you don't win, if you don't work at it. But it's a map you've invented, it doesn't exist, it doesn't need to make you hurt.

I am interested in these invisible maps. They are the invisible untruths between us and the places we want to be. I find pictures and portraits and I look for the hidden dynamics, the story. I use them as the starting point for paintings and I map the horizons that eyes cannot see.
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  • Comment Link David Wednesday, 07 October 2009 02:00 posted by David

    I loved the narrative that went so well with the paintings, especially "But it's a map you've invented, it doesn't exist and doesn't need to hurt you" and "They are the invisible untruths ...". Sometimes these untruths, appear undoubtedly true.

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