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Tuesday, 16 February 2010 02:00

Bad Wallpaper

By  Timo Wang

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A story is told through a series of questions. Tim pursues an approach to art that draws from the raw humour and delight of the Surrealist movement. His works, when viewed in their sum total, pull form out of a constellation of different art movements in a manner where chronology and geography are captured in a framework of currency and sublime beauty.

The pieces whisper in a texture of minute details dropped sensuously, cautiously into the most surprising crevices such that art becomes map - the eye, drawn round forms, trickling through colours, finds momentary rest in these witty encounters. Eventually, the viewer, now traveler, surfaces to a rather brave new world.

We glimpse his version of events: born in Melbourne, and having spent part of his childhood in Southeast Asia and North America, Tim evokes the melding of various cultures to plump out imageries, delivering visual sound bites that effervesce at the back of one's mind. Like tiny fingerprints over the surface of his works, his background as a trained architect and policy analyst dusts his pieces with the grit and glitter of a testing mind, eager to discover the built and unbuilt forms of society, eager to fall into conversation with you.
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