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Monday, 15 February 2010 02:00


By  Jason Wallin

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Each of the three images that compose this series focus on the presence of an unknown or questionable object at its focal point. This relatively featureless object functions as the question of these visual works, drawing the viewer to speculate, hypothesize, and react. Conversely however, it is this very object that wards against the social impetus to identify and represent. In this manner, the works composing this series aim to disturb the representational tendency alive in much modern artwork. What is it that drives the poet to write, the child to explore, or the public to abandon? The answer, in a sense, is the 'blot'  that dominates the garden scene. Resisting its qualitative naming or taxonomic categorization, this blot serves to disrupt signification, hence rendering it as a screen for the viewer's particular and singular desires.
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