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  • The future of Africa does not belong to obsessions with power and sloganeering like “Down with the West, down with the detractors, down with this and that.” Neither does it belong to the worship of lavish lifestyles and BASHES. When
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  • An elaborate classical Roman arch frames Raphael's School of Athens (1509-1510), behind which three more arches advance towards a vanishing point; focusing the viewer's attention on the two central male figures. The man on the left, pointing determinately upwards to
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  • Cosmo's Return

    By Frank Meintjies
    Cosmo was released from prison after three years. Talent, called such because he was a former soccer player of great renown, met him for the first time in the week that the ex-con resurfaced into societal life. But Talent had
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  • If one were to look

    By Sheikha A.
    If one were to look backon how the present resulted,there would be a track of wheelson the throat of kindness. Forthe lump that shrivelled had seena dream with eyes wide openof inflexibility finding elasticity,and for the concession of risingsynonymy, there
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  •  “dubula lenja!”splattering all over the lens, SABC news crew left bewildered, his words were so violent that they hurt delivered with such a ferocity that they alone felt like the crime. As the words left his mouth,it was in the
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  • Sawubona

    By Sihle Ntuli
    literally translated to mean ‘i see you’   following with the eye  the stream filling mind with water  with this in mind as a form of greeting may we never move past each other without some form of acknowledgment 
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  • A vision of nothing

    By Ross Fleming
    I am oddly contentjust riding round insmall circles vocalisingvague unwords at myselfmy fairy wheels semireliably affixed by mysometimes present fatherand the bullies all offelsewhere doing importantstuff I have absolutely no idea of my significance orvalue or intelligence or net worth
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  • Pepi's Awakening

    By Ahmed Patel
    When Pepi awoke from what she thought was a short nap, she was surprised to see what appeared to be a thick layer of dust on the dark, square wooden coffee table not two feet away from the sofa on
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  • Winner of the Deon Hofmeyr creative writing prize1. If there’s one thing I hate most it’s being interrupted mid-beer. I’m sitting outside at MaBliksem’s on an upturned crate under the bluegums holding communion with my medicine when the messenger arrives.
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  • 1 Charity remains the most violent And lasting Form of colonialism.   2 No gift comes without A future request.   3 When people say, it is From the Lord, know that They will be asking something Of you soon.
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  • One – She wore her nakedness too well, it scared me. Two – Her breasts were a monument; a single one covered my universe whole - it terrified me. Three – Maybe if she was less beautiful I would have stayed. Four – She was
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  • The Art of Aldous

    By Lumumba Mthembu
    Fool? Nutter? Brucker? Thus I have been christened. It will have to do; it might as well have been any other way. However, a small request: would you mind if we just shortened it to FNB? I find it so
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  • Peripheral

    By Jo-Ann Bekker
    She pays attention but she doesn’t see. She has an astigmatism her contact lenses don’t correct. She can’t use her camera properly, can’t see well enough to align the split screen or clear the micro-prism ring. It is hit and
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  • I have discovered I prefer to walk with it tucked safely beneath my descending aorta – to me, it is the last bit of comfort a dying man will see.   Some avoid it at every cost and I – like them
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  • How Are You Brother? Amen.

    By Mapule Mohulatsi
    How Are You Brother? Amen. It was 4p.m when the yellow van arrived, and I was glad. The Sunday breeze was slightly tinged with the suburban chill of 4pm. The Jacaranda serenading us with the purple truth of Sunday. The
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  • Soentjie's Song

    By Denise Y. Fielding
    1 The drought was grievous.   It clung to men’s hearts and hung from their faces.   Silence lay heavy.   No chirp of crickets.   No bird calls. Nothing, nothing at all moved in that heat.   The ground baked hard and crusted open
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