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Tuesday, 13 January 2015 14:54

Value Added Selection (i)


Taste of Shark

To disguise the taste of shark we eat with our hands,
Firelight camps in the corners of our eyes
and in the plastic of our glands
Metal wrecks twist beneath monochrome dreams.

Hollowed out hearts filled with the endless
scraping of chairs and the sound of jetengines

locked in reverse, and drug related deaths
harvesting headlines at the ends of the earth,

And beggars and gods in credit and debt
tearing stars from the orbits of their minds,

flickering persisting memories of scrapyards
and junked television studios,

multipledrugresistent bubonic plague victims

channelling partyfunds through drugcartel
blackmarket moneylaunderies and dishwash
daycare student loan default centres  

Citywide billboard communication agencies
and executive highrise parking arcades,
Jerseyshore construction conglomerates
and dutcheast counterintuitive humanitarian

Relief initiatives. To disguise the taste of shark
we eat with our hands tied behinds our backs

in north korean prisoner of war camps
in occupied palestine and in rebel ukraine

in every conceivable war theatre perpetrated by man
and by the generals of man and in every courtyard
mapped out by the deathsquads we set up our tables
and lay our places and clink our glasses, and smile.  

ponzi scheme of the modern soul

with acetylene torches
borrowed from the first world

cut up the babies in bush hospital abattoirs
turn the arms of a giant clock

behind its back, raping repeatedly
alone or in teams, taking turns  
to listen to that last whistling screech
of a train in eternal reverse
the tangle of limbs of all colours and forms
locked between the wheels

and rails

and sparkplug scorchmarks of catwalkmodels
wrestling demigods in the quickset concrete,

the pretty sculptured faces of diet and death,
screened across 1000 channels of porn  

immeasurable meathooks visible from space,
through the silicon cloud that never settles
that never ends, that stretches on,
a devils tongue a snake eating its own young

capture these moments along the digital line
generate captions for your life in decline
open a forum and murder every senator
set fire to the streets of Rome,  

with acetylene torches
with portable power sources

with mobile phones that borrow
the light from the sun,

american dreamers dont slow down

cows and chickens made fat
on other cow and chicken fat
and iceland melts
into the sea
american dreamers
dont slow down
buy that car buy that house
buy that gun and burn it down
burn it burn it burn it down
gun it down
all our banks as closed as roads
gun it down
all our farmers lean as wheat
gun it down in plain daylight
as iceland melts
into the sea
american dreamers
dont slow down
dont you fucking slow it down
dont fuck dont fuck dont fuck it up
burn it down and sell it out
advertise your vespa ways
to chinese market rice delays
monitor consumer goods
your western cost of toxic suits
japanese consumer goods
your north korean nukes
as scotland melts into iceland
bomb it obomb it bomb it
back into the north atlantic
as france melts into sarkozy
as california melts into bank
ruptcy as amercan dreamers
fucking die choking on our
slice of pie our pizza dash
from port to port like burnt up
burnt out blown up cows

crossing seas to feed them
selves on chickens fat
on antibiotic


(c) Fox 2008 - 2015

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