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Friday, 02 November 2012 09:43

The Rustle-Einstein Manifesto

The Hapy Sunnflowers Sossity AGM

Thank you orl sew, sew much for mayking yurselves avalable on this wanderfully brite and
shinning day in the park my name is Martynn Fotherington and this is Balinda Haught who has very kyndly
offered to step into the breech as our secretery Mervyn's cat died last nite
(he is bering up under the lode) and wee wont to mayk Evryone, yes Evryone welkum
and rite at home wee are going to desine our very own sossity and wee wont to mayk it
open and democratic and sew eech person will have a littl peace of white cardbord
on which you can nomenate your fave fave purson regardless of colour creed or
sexwhal orientashin for cheerpurson evry nomenashun will be veted by the comitty
hear are some cerise hiliters pleez pleez pleeez rite as neetly as u can there can
wee pass the hiliters arownd the curkle thank you Balinda love before wee start can
wee orl assume the mantiss position and breeeeathe there wee are now let's hum the
pantotonic scayle thank you thank you Ursuline for leeding the way ummmmm owmmmm
oooommmm now let's have a growp hug orl together now blessings one and orl bless you
bless you bless u now let's get done to bizness...

furst of orl wee wont too endors and adopt the Rustle-Einstein Manifesto sew that orl peeple wil be free
and genetically unmodified by the totally totally like invassive radiocean of the bom
does evryone agree thank you thank you I love you orl thank god for Balinda my word
there’s a tear in her eye power to the peepl amandla where to amandla here’s to a newclear free future

The Duke Nukem Society AGM

Right thanks all for turning up the six-pack for first arriver goes to Jack over here
cheers Jack bru drink up we need to vote for the cancellation of the Russel Einstein Manifesto
super quick due to that prize tit Martin Featherstone and his crowd of winkers trying to stop us
all from playing Duke Nukem by the way the name’s Sheila chairman of the Nukem Society
we do it by the bloody book so help me Kevin okay so is anyone needing
a kick up the jack you can calm down Jack no one’s trying to steal your ales
votes against the motion nobody okay got that votes for keeping down the pansies
ah unanimous as I thought grrreat meeting over now I could murder a cow
Jack you got the coals blazing born up a tree everyone let's tuck in
the Russel Einstein Manifesto is toast let's drink to that shite where'd you get that anorak Bert?
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Ross Fleming

Ross Ian Fleming devotes his days to testing Telecoms software, satisfying his wife’s need for fast food, and educating his three kids. At night, however, he dreams of Poetry. He has written six small volumes of poems, all available on Amazon Kindle

Although occasionally inhabiting an imaginary land beyond description, in reality he lives in Cape Town, South Africa, the next best thing in the chain of being.

He has published work in Itch and New Coin and has won 3 online writing competitions at the SA Writers College over the past 10 years. Also see Slipnet for more.

Website: lemmingpoetry.blogspot.com/
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