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Thursday, 13 December 2012 11:41

The Pen's Manifesto

For every writer; for every creator.  
For every "other" pen.

1.      Uncover the blank page.

2.      Obliterate time.

3.      Bridge fears.

4.      Tip the scales.

5.      Protest.  Be a protest.

6.      Refuse the silence.

7.      Revise the trivialisations.

8.      Redirect the gaze that seeks to dominate, subjugate, colonise.*

9.      Read everything.

10.   Agitate the sleeping.

11.   Flaunt faultlessness.

12.   Be sharper, be holier, strike deeper. **

13.   Be excruciating about the truth.

14.   Be merciful with narratives.

15.   Echo...

16.   Take pleasure in the emotional, the aesthetic, and the linguistic.

17.   Render through insight, laboured from hindsight, etched with anticipated foresight.

18.   Struggle, provoke, enlighten.

19.   Write closer to the edge.

20.   Make sculpture out of paper.

21.   Make magic! 

* (citation owed to bell hooks)
** (owes to ‘the pen is mightier...’ and other related metonyms)
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Lucinda de Leeuw

 Some things are rituals.  And they are binding.

Website: lucinda-notebook.blogspot.com/
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