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Tuesday, 19 August 2014 22:36

The Borinage* and Then

By  Joop Bersee
The crow rests in the coal dust
on which miners’ dreams are made
but soon begins to flap its wings
still on the ground repeating
stretched caw in the blackout
streets of the crusted Borinage.
It takes a few steps and soon
flies through the empty streets.
It has to change its strategy
fly higher to see the world
touch its mysterious sleepy eyes
who refuse to see these images.
Above the stratus clouds it finds
the sun and stars to navigate.

*Borinage: In van Gogh’s days one of the most impoverished and inhospitable regions of Europe where miners lived and worked, where van Gogh preached. Situated in Belgium. Poem from a series (under construction) based on van Gogh’s letters to his brother.
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